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The Construction Phase

When the engineering phase is at the stage that construction can be started, the required working processes need to be undertaken by on-site team members, typically a foreman or construction manager. This model then also enables communication between te onsite team, and engineering teams when installation work begins.



Benefits of on-site model access.
The coordinated review model offers great advantages for the onsite work group by providing a very demonstrative way to check installations in inconvenient positions, check measurements, create sections and change transparency etc.
In most cases it is enough to have one commercial license of Navisworks onsite for  creating red-lining and comments.
The free viewer, Navisworks Freedom, provides access to the model for viewing and measurements etc. for any user.   The Navisworks model can also include links to required documentation on-site, e.g. installation instructions, videos etc easily by using the Navistools plug-in.
Model based monitoring of the on-site work.  
​Navistools also provides an easy way to monitor, co-ordinate and control the work-flow of the complete on-site project by using colour coding. The on-site work status will then be updated either by updating the database or by off-line updating using an excel spreadsheet.
Navisworks also includes the 4D Timeliner function that allows users to link project schedule files to the model.
iNavistools solution - Mobiledevices on site.
The Navistools solution also includes the iNavistools application that enables direct update of the onsite work status  and viewing of linked documentation using mobile devices. The user can also view the Navisworks model with a mobile device by using the Autodesk BIM 360 Glue app.