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Management team:

Ari Puuskari, Partner and CEO
mobile:+358 400 488 267

Miikka Vehkaoja, Partner
mobile: +358 040 5260 442


tel: +358 20 416620
email: sales@profox.com

Navistools Field

 Navistools Field apps support Apple IOS and Windows pads and phones. The system consists of Navistools Standard software that typically is used by the onsite coordinator. Navistools Client apps are the apps that are installed on your mobile device and which typically onsite workers are using when they wish to change a status of an object (installed, ready to be inspected etc.), link a photo to the object (photo of an object that has a problem etc.) or fill a report (work report, inspection report etc.) and link that to an object in a model.
Onsite coordinator can then manage and use all that data with his Navisworks and Navistools Standard system. He can also embed status information that has been collected with the mobile devices and publish it to anyone who needs to follow onsite work and the statuses, look at linked photos , and just Navisworks Freedom or Autodesk BIM 360 Glue (on mobile devices)  is needed here.
Navistools Field needs a web-service for the database, the service can be located freely on almost any service providers cloud service or on clients own web-server (the system consumes Navistools database through REST API)
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