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Management team:

Ari Puuskari, Partner and CEO
mobile:+358 400 488 267

Miikka Vehkaoja, Partner
mobile: +358 040 5260 442


tel: +358 20 416620
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Navistools IFC Exporter

The plugin will function in 2 different ways. Straighforward way is to select model items (selection) that you want to export from the Navisworks model and export them without mapping objects. If using this way all entites in the IFC file are represented as IfcEquipmentElement.
Another way is to use object mapping. Then you need to create predefined selection or search sets for each different object type in the Navisworks model and tell plugin which IfcType to use when exporting them.

"This application opens new ways in developing work processes in engineering projects, when for example equipment or plant model geometry and data can easily be transferred to another system."
Equipment or plant model ->Tekla, Magicad, Autodesk Revit or ArchiCAD.

Equipment or plant model -> calculation or analysis software that supports IFC filetransfer.
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