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Ari Puuskari, Partner and CEO
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 Navistools Pointcloud uses Navisworks as a platform and so supports the use of all the commonly used pointcloud, CAD and file transfer formats. Navistools Pointcloud works with in the Navisworks model containing the CAD model data and dynamically manages the required structure of point cloud data. The software requires the scan positions in excel format and that the scan data is pre-defined in published .nwd files although the Navistools Publisher software can be used to facilitate this process.

The scan positions are held in the associated Navistools SQL database along with associated user-defined data such as photographs and other required documentation. Navistools Pointcloud is built upon Navistools Standard software, the project portal which allows external project data to be easily linked and managed within Navisworks.

Using Navistools Pointcloud enables easier management of renovation projects containing large unwieldy pointcloud datasets by creating visual demolition project plans. Navistools Pointcloud enables easier comparison through visualisation between as built data and design data through the design review process and for space management and facilities management. Navistools Pointcloud saves on project timescales and costs through reducing the traditional requirement to produce costly CAD models from laser scanned point cloud data.

Navistools Pointcloud