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The Operations Phase

 The Co-ordinated Navisworks model which has been verified after the on-site phase to be equivalent to the as-built model, can be used in a variety of ways.


The model works as visual 3D user interface into the plant or building project. ​​
Life Cycle benefits
The maintenance worker has easy access to equipment or other installation maintenance data using the free and easy to use Navisworks Freedom viewer.
Selecting an object in the model can give easy access to data that is located in a proprietary maintenance system. This requires that there is a link between  the maintenance system and the model by using the Navistools plug-in.
The model can also be used in the training of operation or maintenance personnel.
The Navistools plug-in software also includes the iNavistools app that enables modification and viewing of the maintenance data using mobile devices. The model  can also be viewed using mobile devices using Autodesk BIM 360 Glue.
Photos and QR codes can also be captured to record information for maintenance, inspection and operational needs which can then be linked to a corresponding object in a model by using the Navistools database.
Then operations and maintenance personnel have immediate access to this captured data within the model which can be used to manage the required maintenance, inspection or repair actions.